Read How Storie Will Help Preserve & Protect Our Cherished Surroundings

February 7, 2024 | Read Time: 2 minutes

Wetlands at sunset

As it was so thoughtfully shared in Finding Nemo, when it comes to water, “all drains lead to the ocean.” And when communities are on the coastline, that truth is even more pertinent. This concept is clear to see in the careful approach being taken in the design phases of what may become one of Martin County’s newest neighborhoods: Storie.

Bike rider entering park - preservation and protection

The development team behind the proposed community has been sharing their long-term vision and commitment to preserving natural wetlands and protecting the watersheds of the Treasure Coast for generations to come.

One of the driving forces during the thoughtful planning stages of Storie is increasing access and enjoyment to these natural assets for all residents throughout Martin County and beyond. This will be done through careful inclusion of wide, open spaces and making overall improvements to nearby waterways as they pass through to the Atlantic.

Preservation and protection of waterways for kayakers

Canals and waterways are not simple afterthoughts, but a vital system that would clean 500 million gallons of water every year. Preservation is top of mind in maintaining the importance of the area’s wetlands, not only for aesthetics but as an inviting and needed habitat for migratory birds. Further out, acres of greenspaces may create a flow from the neighborhoods, working as a natural buffer into the natural surroundings of the area.

Of course, one of the primary advantages of the Florida lifestyle is the sheer amount of time available to spend outdoors. Multiple swimming pools and activity centers are envisioned, and several dog parks will be included and open to the public.

Artist rendering of Storie park commited to preservation and protection

Community gardens, outdoor venues for events and larger gatherings, observation areas for bird watching, and public kayak launch access areas are all proposed, making it clear that if the Storie begins, there will always be an adventure to be found.

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