Attainable Living: A Storie of Home Sweet Home

Storie would be a true community with a lifestyle that is attainable. Apartments and townhomes, single-family homes, and quaint streetscapes would create a neighborly environment, connected by sidewalks, people, and passion. A place as unique as Martin County itself.

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Village Center

City living without the stress. That's the vision behind Storie’s walkable village center. Local shops, restaurants, and bars could line the streets, which would play host to community events like art shows and farmer’s markets. There would be something for everyone, whether it’s grabbing a coffee to sit near the water or spending time on retail therapy.
Storie Florida Village Center Streetscape
Storie Florida Village Center Streetscape
Riverwalk Streetscape and lifestyle at Storie FL - Martin County
Riverwalk Streetscape and lifestyle at Storie FL

Riverwalk Living

Water is the essence of life at Storie. From apartments overlooking the waterways to single-family homes with expansive green yards, a quiet spot on the water would never be hard to find.

A Cul-de-sac Community

With apartments and neighborly townhomes near the village center, to single-family houses with quiet streets for kids to play, Storie aims to offer healthy, accessible living to everyone. Each neighborhood is being designed to feature safe, welcoming blocks.
Healthy Accessible Living - Multifamily Homes at Storie
Multifamily Homes at Storie

Sidewalks Make Good Neighbors

A healthy lifestyle would be the cornerstone of Storie. The entire community will be designed with walking in mind. In addition to a robust trail system, every street would include sidewalks to encourage safe, active living.
Storie Florida Downtown Neighborhood Walkability
Storie Florida Downtown Neighborhood Walkability

A Home as Unique as Your Family

The planned home styles at Storie will be as diverse as its residents. Whether it be families looking to expand with children or older relatives, young professionals seeking a first apartment, or empty-nesters wanting to scale down to a smaller footprint with less maintenance, the apartments, townhomes, and single-family neighborhoods will appeal to all walks of life.
Home Styles at Storie FL
Storie Residents Craftsman Homes