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A Storied
Martin County
Community Concept
Envisioned for
the Future

Clean water. Open spaces. Traditional South Florida landscapes. That’s what’s envisioned for this potential Martin County community. Our visionary neighborhood is being planned not just around the concept of living in concert with nature, but embracing it with a focus on watershed protection, environmental restoration and creating a community of like-minded nature lovers and outdoor adventurers.

Regenerated Earth
and a Community
Ablaze For All Generations

A new highly sustainable neighborhood is on the horizon, filled with natural waterways, inclusive public spaces and a focus on holistic living. If approved, Storie will bring neighbors together for artistic pursuits and outdoor adventures with community gardens, open-air venues for events and large gatherings, observation areas for bird and nature watching and public kayak launch access. A greener tale for Martin County may soon unfold.

A New Chapter

Community Fitness at Storie FL
Community Fitness at Storie FL
Storie Magazine

Learn More
About Storie,
The New Generation
of Coastal Living

A new vision is planned for the Treasure Coast. One that connects diverse residents of all ages and backgrounds to one another through authentic living that’s in tune with nature. Learn more about how Storie could foster community and improve the ecosystem of Martin County.

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Where There's Water,
There's Life

Waterways bring people together. Kayaking. Paddleboarding. Fishing. One of the driving forces behind Storie’s thoughtful plans is to increase access to the Treasure Coast’s most prized possession—its waterways. A European-style system of waterways is being designed to flow through the community. Not only would these waterways allow 24-hour access to aquatic adventures, but it would filter and improve the water’s quality as it meanders towards the area’s wetlands and Intracoastal Waterway.

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collage of the storie community amenities

A Storiebook Life For All Residents Of Martin County

This eco-minded neighborhood won’t cater to just the residents who call it home. Storie hopes to better the entire Treasure Coast through parks and a vibrant village center that would be open to all.

Otto Buz DiVosta's Legacy of Success

Creating a community as unique as Storie requires a visionary thinker. Otto “Buz” DiVosta is the mastermind behind this forward-thinking community plan. His insightful approach and innovative construction methods have earned him legendary status as a trailblazer in Florida’s construction industry. Storie will be the crowning achievement in his lifelong pursuit of excellence.

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