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Martin County
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Designed to enhance the experience for all residents of Martin County, these central waterways help to clean water and invite exploration. In addition, Storie will feature a new community pool, sports fields, natural areas, and bike trails – Get out and enjoy.

New Clean

The need for watershed protection in Martin County cannot be overstated. Smart waterways are an integral part of what's being proposed at Storie. The goal would be to manage 500 million gallons of water discharged from Lake Okeechobee annually before it reaches the Intracoastal Waterway by incorporating greenways, lakes and wetlands. These natural buffers slow and filter stormwater runoff while increasing biodiversity and strengthening wildlife habitats.

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h20 martin county waterways
h20 martin county waterways

Public Parks
are Integral to the Storie

South Florida’s greatest attributes are its pleasant weather, serene waterways and beautiful natural scenery. One of the main goals of Storie is to increase access and enjoyment of these natural assets for all residents of Martin County and beyond. Smart waterways with biodiverse wetlands are vital to the success of the sustainable community. Both the waterways and planned green spaces, which are intended to filter runoff, would offer an organic escape for the larger community to connect with nature. Multiple swimming pools, activity centers, pickleball courts and several dog parks are planned to help residents spend time outdoors and will be open to the general public at no cost.

Rendering of Open Spaces on Storie Fl

Storie is Making
a Splash

Water is the basis of life at Storie. The European-style waterways that are slated to run through the community would filter runoff to protect the natural environment and provide ample outdoor opportunities for locals. In addition to kayaking and paddleboarding around town, locals could fish from piers and nonmotorized watercraft. Waterway access points, open to all, would be dotted throughout the community. In addition to these natural waters, there are plans for multiple community pools with resort-like amenities for swimming and play.

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Pool at storie
Storie FL Pools

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The Trails

Healthy living is a core value of Storie. In addition to kayaking and paddleboarding in the waterways, the community has plans for miles of walking and bike trails that would cross through residential neighborhoods, parks, and large green spaces.

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Storie Martin County Bike Trails
Storie Martin County Bike Trails
Paddle Boarding in Florida
Paddle Boarding in Florida


The Treasure Coast boasts ample opportunities for kayaking, paddleboarding, bicycling, and other outdoor activities. However, Storie aims to cater to all kinds of adventurers through its proposed amenities, from pickleball and tennis courts to baseball fields and splash pads. Whether you want to learn to garden or farm, camp under the stars or spend time with your dog, if approved, there will be something for everyone at Storie.

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