Storie: A City of
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Talk about a master plan. Storie is being written with a focus on preserving natural areas, opening parks and recreation to all Martin County residents, and building a self-sustaining community with schools, a village center, and parks. All of this in one of the most desirable locations in Florida.

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Storie's World

A new chapter in preserving Martin County's natural resources may soon begin. Storie aims to protect and restore natural areas while opening green spaces and recreational amenities to all residents of Martin County. The self-sustaining neighborhood would feature wide roads with usable sidewalks and bike paths, along with schools, parks, and a vibrant downtown—all in one of the most desirable locations in Florida.

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Martin County

Martin County is home to the most bio-diverse estuary in North America and most bio-diverse lagoon ecosystem in the entire Northern Hemisphere. Our unique landscape provides a safe haven for more than 4,300 species of plants and animals, including more than 30 threatened and endangered species. Storie would protect the local waterways and habitat to ensure future generations can access and experience the natural riches of the Treasure Coast.


Love Martin County
Love Martin County
Map of Martin County and Storie FL
Map of Martin County and Storie FL

A Storiebook

Land and water converge in the healthiest way possible at Storie. Residents can connect to the natural landscape from home, multiple green spaces, bird-filled wetlands, innovative waterways and the proposed village center. If approved, the vibrant business district would boast seating and gathering spots along the waterfront. Martin County locals could watch kayaks and paddleboards float by as they dine, shop or soak in the world-class sunsets.


Storie Multifamily District Rendering