The Trailblazing Visionary Behind Storie

As the visionary leader behind Storie, FL, Otto “Buz” DiVosta is no stranger to building legendary communities. Buz DiVosta has been a trailblazer in the construction of solid concrete structures, and his efficient building techniques are used by builders nationally. As a recognized industry leader in both commercial and residential construction, his innovative thinking has created a reputation for excellence earned over the past 5 decades.

Buz’s pioneering form-based building system created homes with a level of efficiency and quality control unmatched in the industry. This controlled supply chain approach ensured everything from plumbing to building cabinets was finished to the highest quality by specialized craftspeople. Having built homes across Florida, each Buz DiVosta residence has been delivered with a reputation of solid construction, quality designs, and priced affordability that has become legendary.

Today, Buz DiVosta has turned his attention to bringing this same level of imaginative thinking to Martin County. Having had the land in the family for decades, Buz is ready to embark on what many are saying is his crowning achievement. His goal to create an entirely new community concept applies his out-of-the-box thinking to community planning. Storie will take the cherished Martin County lifestyle to an entirely new level. His aspirations for Storie have evolved beyond his homebuilding foundation. He is creating a revolutionary new community concept where every resident of Martin County will benefit from the design, not just the residents of Storie. We look forward to the next chapter of the Buz DiVosta legacy.

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