Getting Around Is a Breeze

June 30, 2024 | Read Time: 1 minute

storie community rendering

Studies show that people who live the healthiest, happiest lives have one thing in common—they get plenty of exercise every day. But it’s not just owning exercise
equipment or belonging to a gym. Rather, they live in communities where walking everywhere they go is a natural part of everyday life.

The visionaries behind Storie have designed this community concept to be pedestrian-friendly first. Walking paths would connect Storie’s neighborhoods to its expansive green spaces. Roundabouts and fewer car lanes slow down traffic, while special lanes welcome golf carts, electric bikes, and scooters. Nature trails would amble through the area’s wetlands and parks, and mountain bike paths could wind through the trees.

rending of downtown storie

A healthy, active lifestyle, however, won’t be limited just to the land. Storie’s planned system of waterways ensures kayaking and paddleboarding adventures abound, while
electric boats will cruise visitors to their destination in style. No matter how Martin County residents choose to enjoy the outdoors, they’ll surely enjoy the laidback, walkable lifestyle at Storie.

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