A Storie Book Life Revealed

February 7, 2024 | Read Time: 2 minutes

Aerial shot of Storie community, Artist rendering

Towns and villages around the world have been built near waterways, as the water both sustains and brings enjoyment to those who live by it. For the planned community of Storie, this age-old idea has been envisioned in a way to delight Martin County residents. If viewed from above, the waterways within might be seen radiating outward like the beams of the bright, Florida sun.

The virtual heart of the community would be its exciting, village center—planned with space for waterfront dining spots, retail shops, and commercial spaces.

As the neighborhoods rise from architects’ drawings, a truly walkable community could create a riverwalk lifestyle possible for residents in every direction, and every walk of life.

Artist rendering of housing in Storie's new community

Befitting a future-focused community, the neighborhoods within Storie may be a true oasis. Where communities are designed with both beauty and harmony in mind. Plans include single-family smart homes, low-stress attached residentials, and amenity-rich multi-family living spaces.

Plans call for a new school and dedicated playgrounds, splash pools, and a sports complex with youth sports fields, pickleball, tennis courts, and open spaces for picnics and outdoor concerts.

Aerial view of Storie's new community

No slice of the inviting lifestyle of South Florida was left out of the planning, as vegetable gardens, butterfly gardens and greenhouses are planned. An amphitheater and other unique amenities—connected by trails and waterways—make for a dream lifestyle designed for today’s modern families.

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