5 Unique Storie-Lines That Will Impact Residents of Martin County

February 8, 2024 | Read Time: 4 minutes

The community pool rendering at storie in martin county

From lovable main characters to riveting plot twists, a good story is able to captivate a wide audience. These narratives have the power to unite people from different generations across the globe. In the same way as a good storyline comes together, Storie aims to create a sense of unity on Florida’s Treasure Coast. This new Martin County community concept is envisioned to be a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together through authentic living in tune with nature. Let’s delve deeper into the Storie-lines that would help foster a vibrant and diverse community.

waterfront community - Storie Begins

1. A New Chronicle for Clean Water

For decades, phosphate-laden runoff has been pumped from Lake Okeechobee to the coast, creating toxic green algae blooms that harm native wildlife and introduce harmful bacteria to Florida’s beaches. That’s why Storie’s designers have placed a high priority on working with nature to be a part of the clean water solution. An innovative filtration system would clean more than 500 million gallons of water annually from the C44 runoff before it enters the headwaters of the South Fork. Filtration marshes utilizing natural vegetation would naturally slow down the water, remove the legacy of phosphorus nitrogen, and oxygenate the water as it flows through the community. This European-style system of waterways would also provide 24-hour access to water’s beauty. Large freshwater lakes might allow for non-motorized boats and a fishing pier to give anglers a chance to reel in a prized catch. Kayaking and paddleboarding would also be plentiful, with launching points strategically located throughout this new Martin County community.

Urban Community Concept rendering of Storie in Martin County

2. Greener Tales Would Unfold

Nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and hikers would also find plenty to explore within Storie. While the community spans 2,700 acres, 64% of the existing natural landscapes would remain untouched. Thoughtful planning could situate homes strategically around existing wetlands and preserves. This approach not only showcases the beauty of the surrounding wetlands through sustainable practices but also offers a myriad of opportunities to connect with nature. A planned network of approximately 38 miles of nature trails would amble through the open spaces, providing endless opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and more. These trails would offer picturesque views of the wetlands and waters that surround Storie.

Environmental Contributions to Martin COunty

3. A Storiebook Life for All Martin County Residents

In addition to preserving the existing natural landscapes, Storie’s plans include 1,198 acres of green space for parks open to all Martin County residents. The envisioned Storie Regional Park would provide a natural playground for both kids and kids at heart. Splash pads would invite children to make a splash, while colorful playgrounds would fuel their creativity. Community pools might provide a refreshing escape on hot days. Sports enthusiasts could have a plethora of options, from soccer and baseball on the numerous sports fields to friendly matches on tennis and pickleball courts. For four-legged companions, two off-leash dog parks would be planned, with separate play areas for large and small dogs.

rendering of storie townhomes at New Martin County Community

4. Rewriting the Housing Narrative

Storie would adopt a proactive approach to bridging the housing gap in Martin County by offering a diverse range of housing options for different income levels. For those embarking on their journey as first-time homeowners to those with busy lifestyles, Storie could provide a selection of villas, townhomes, and condominiums. Storie would also include various multi-family apartment rental options. The planned single-family homes could provide comfortable and spacious living for growing families. No matter where families choose to live, this new Martin County community concept would be designed to focus on pedestrian-friendly features. Alongside a robust trail system, every street would incorporate sidewalks, creating a welcoming and walkable neighborhood environment.

Aerial rendering of future school - New Martin County Community

5. A Storie of Lifelong Learning

The concept of walking to school would reemerge with Storie’s planned charter school. Encompassing 20.5 acres, this educational institution would serve students from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Thoughtfully designed streetscapes and generous sidewalks would help parents feel at ease with their children walking to school, and also might allow parents to actively engage in their children’s classes and events. Learning, however, doesn’t end in the classroom. From gardening to art studios, inspiring lessons could soon be available to all.

New Vision Video Gives a Closer Look at Storie’s Vision

These Storie-lines are just the beginning of ways this new Martin County community concept would bring together people from all walks of life. A vibrant village center, an open-air amphitheater, and plentiful outdoor activities have also been planned for Storie. As Storie progresses toward finalizing the details of this community concept, additional information will be revealed shortly. To receive a copy of the Storie Time Magazine with more details on the vision for this community, or to be among the first to see the newly released vision video, register your interest at StorieFL.com.

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